Monday, July 5, 2010


Summer school has started. Two days down only 20 or so to go. Only 6 of 14 students graced me with their presence the first two days of class. The other eight are in for a rude awakening on Tuesday.

We have had a crazy weekend! We picked Chris up from camp Saturday and the kids and I spent the evening at our church's July 4th celebration. I unloaded my two kids only to end up with someone else's five year-old. It is amazing how much less annoying other people's kids are than my own. Dare I say they are cute?

Yesterday, we spent the morning at the pool and then caught Karate Kid and The Last Airbender at the Theater. Better than the movies was the Kahlua Mudslide I had at the theater? If you haven't it is a must. I can't believe I've made it almost 35 years without ever trying one before. I must make up for lost time I tell you.

Off to another pool party and then we have to either clean the house or burn it down. I'm leaning towards burning it down truth be told!