Sunday, December 5, 2010

You Tube

Yeah - I'm way behind on the blogging again. I admit it, I suck. Here are some higlights from the last month of my life:

Thanksgiving Marshmallow Eating Contest:

Half Assed 12 Days of Christmas performace - I swear this is even funnier than the marshmallow eating contest. The video quality sucks. I appologize and suggest that you get drunk prior to watching it. I found that made me not mind the grainyness of the video and brought everything back into focus.

At about 1:58, the very loose wheels finally fly off.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Mom and Facebook

So my mom signed up for facebook about a week ago and I have already received my first phone call asking me "What's Shiz?" and telling me it wasn't very nice to say that my son was given #2 on his basketball jersey because, "He's the shiz." Then I had to explain the being "the shit" was actually a good thing. LOL