Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Suck!!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been working way too much and don't have the luxury of fucking anything up for a while. I do have meatballs in the crock pot at home, so there is some potential for another fire story soon. That being said, I am way behind. I am sure I owe my mom some back to school pictures.

Here are some pictures with the best kid's meal toy ever - a thumb wrestling arena from Taco Bell. One, Two, Three, Four. I declare a thumb war.

No mom I wasn't driving, I was at a red light. And hey look everyone is appropriately buckled. Granted, we might have lost thumbs if we had been rear ended, but only one on each hand and I hear you can transplant a big toe to replace your thumb. At least they did that on NCIS once.


  1. transfer the big toe. . . . .?love it! 1

  2. -->Your kids are so cute!

    I was THE Thumb Wrestling Champion 1986 til my big (mean) older brother cheated and stole my title.

  3. Your kids are gorgeous, Kaycee. As for not writing for a while, I hear you on that one. Once I went back to work, the rest of my life got in the way of this part. But, hey, this is about you and your kids and writing when/if you feel like it, right? So, pour yourself a glass of wine, and cut yourself some slack. Balance is a good thing! Cheers!

  4. yes, they can transplant fingers with toes. i forget where i saw it somewhere but they did it. or it could've been a movie. who knows.

    found you from chickennuggetmama and i don't care how often you post b/c i will be there when you do. girl, you are hilarious. following now.


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