Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

If you're going to play Mafia Wars on the clock, there are a couple of rules to abide by.
  1. Your boss shouldn't be your Facebook friend.
  2. If you have ignored #1, then you really shouldn't send them Mafia Wars gifts, notifications and requests for help.
  3. If you have ignored #1 and #2, then you really should make sure all of your filing is up to date.

Just Sayin'


  1. UGH..I get like 60 Mafia wars updates a day lol

  2. #4. Even if your boss isn't your Facebook friend, you still shouldn't gab about work stuff on Facebook, because SOMEBODY is bound to be friends with your boss, even if you're not!

  3. she is starting to sound like violet!


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