Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ultimate Weapon

Heard from the other room last night...

Big Chocolate: "Son what are you doing?"
C-Diddy: "Making the ultimate weapon for Mar-Dub."
C-Diddy: "I farted in the bag."

I am speechless!


  1. LOL. Ahahahaha oh that takes me back. When I was 6 or so, my brothers and I had a "sleepover".. my older brother had drunk 2 cans of Pepsi and had a rapid case of the farts. So he kept farting into an empty bottle of water. In the morning, when my younger brother wouldn't wake up, we opened the bottle and put it underneath his nose. I swear he turned green.
    Good times. We were so disgusting.

  2. It's a mini Big Chocolate!!!

  3. What IS it with boys/men and their farts??? My two sons are obsessed, and my husband just eggs them on. SIGH. Ahhhh, the memories...

  4. Having raised 3 boys...this type of thing is very familiar!! lol


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