Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Transcript from the 6th Grade Band Concert

The following is a transcript of the texts I sent to Big Chocolate tonight. He was at a party and I was at the band concert. We arrived at 6:15.

HAH 6:36 - You owe me. This is hell.
HAH 6:36 - Can you kill yourself with a marimba mallet?
BC 6:37 - And Facebook is down so your berries might not get harvested
HAH 6:37 - Nuh uh. Y's it down?
HAH 6:48 - I swear I can feel myself inhaling swine flu from all these people.
BC 6:48 - Better you than me
HAH 6:56 - I gave up and sat down on the ground and got to watch 1000 camels and their toes walk by.
HAH 7:28 - They just demonstrated "tonguing". I kid you not.
HAH 7:35 - This is never going to end.
HAH 7:35 - Half of the double reed parents are standing around holding their reeds like joints. (the parents got to play thier kids instrument) BC 7:35 - Gotcha
HAH 7:35 - I'm blogging the transcript of this so keep ignoring me.
HAH 7:41 - Mr. X just tucked the microphone in the back of his pants so he could use both hands to direct. Me thinks it's not the first time....
HAH 7:42 - Bastards snuck in a band booster club meeting
HAH 7:50 - Eye of the Tiger coming up soon
HAH 7:51 - It's the thrill of the fight

I so want that 2 hours of my life back. In my defense, I don't do band. When Big Chocolate was convincing C-Diddy he needed to do band, I loudly and frequently protested and informed everyone that I wasn't going to be the band parent.


  1. Oh, it's as if I was suffering through it with you! And it's only 6th grade, lady, so you've got YEARS more of that ahead of you...Sorry to point that out. Cheers!

  2. Maybe you should encourage photography...much less parental participation! ;)


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