Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Me Monday - Running Water is Not that Important!

Life has NOT been insane around here! Despite the fact that I actually had money in the bank, I did NOT forget to pay the water bill. The nice people at the city did NOT call to remind me AFTER it was turned off.

I did Not promptly pay the bill and have them come out the same afternoon. My children were NOT home alone when they came by to turn the water back on. My oh so well behaved 13 year-old did NOT slow-mo flip the guy off with his ring fingers while acting like he was in the movie the Matrix because he thought it was funny. He did NOT learn that move from Big Chocolate.

The dial on the meter was NOT spinning because we had been responsible home owners and left the faucets dripping so the pipes didn't freeze. This (and the flipping off I'm sure) did NOT prevent the water dude from turning the water back on.

This did NOT provide Big Chocolate the opportunity to repair the faucets in the two upstairs showers that have NOT had only cold water for a year and a half because Big Chocolate was NOT unable to figure out how to turn off the water. I am NOT a genius!!

We did NOT have to wait until 4PM the next day for the water dude to come back a second time! Big Chocolate did NOT Bitch for 23 hours straight!

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