Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Candyman

A note from the office vending machine. I am attributing this to my good friend Blinderman until conclusive evidence of her innocence is presented:

Please be advised that the Twix and KitKat selections are not working. Please be aware that there are PMSing women in this building that cannot be held responsible for what happens to your machine if this is not fixed.

Update: Blinderman didn't even know the sign was there at all. I wonder who the resident comedian of the office building is????


  1. someone could have told me before posting it for all the world to see....luv ya HAH!

  2. I wouldn't have posted it if I thought you would take it down. The candy man needs to fix it. ASAP.

    At least the Snicker's works so we don't have to hear Big Chocolate bitch about that being out again.

  3. To All HAH fans...the machine will be fixed by tomorrow morning..although i am not responsible for the note, it is damn funny!

    Hats off to who every did post it!

  4. Oh, yeah...keep some good, serious chocolate in that machine!

  5. that's awesome!! I hope "candyman" got the message!


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