Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - Free Item Coupons

I never pass up a Coupon for a FREE anything - even if it is something I will probably never use. Why?

One of my favorite stores has 2 free item coupons each week. They might be good for free milk, juice, bacon, eggs, chicken or other great stuff. Only catch is you have to make a $10 additional purchase.

I like to use free item coupons I find online in order to meet those minimum purchase requirements. Right now I have a coupon for free Excedrin up to $5.99. I don't use Excedrin, but I will "buy" it so my required minimum purchase becomes $4 instead of $10 to get the other good stuff I have store coupons for.

Don't worry, I never waste my Free stuff. I always find someone who will use it or donate it.


  1. you are so brilliant with all the great deals you get. and very nice for giving away the things you don't use.

  2. I wish my store would take free item coupons, but they don't. Great for you!!!

  3. I wish our stores put out free item coupons, but they never do. You reminded me I need to use my excedrin coupon too.


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