Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have a confession to make. I went to Costco last month and bought the super king kong mega pack of eggs. Fifteen dozen eggs. I cannot believe it, but we ate all 15 dozen. We didn't even cheat by making Easter eggs with them either.

I thought it seemed like I was buying a dozen eggs every other day. I guess I really was. Sad thing is that I just went to target and bought a dozen dozen eggs this week since they were 99 cents each. Even sadder thing is that I bought 15 pounds of bacon last week.

Have I mentioned that there are only four of us plus the constant stream of friends on the weekend? We eat a lot of breakfast! Just today we used 18 eggs for breakfast (for lunch) for 5 of us. We had yummy scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and a loaf's worth of french toast.


  1. Our staple is cheese. We go through pounds of the stuff and there are just two of us.

  2. hah! that is a lot of eggs! but look at it this way, you guys actually cook. That is something in itself!

  3. I love eggs, but don't eat them as often as I'd like due to those cholesterol warnings, but I think they are the most delicious, economical choice out there!

  4. Eggcellent post. It sounds like you got eggxactly the number of eggs you really needed. In the scheme of things, it's not like they're that bad for you. I mean, not compared to the kind that are covered with chocolate and filled with caramel, right? Cheers!

  5. Big Chocolate goes through 5 a day, but he only eats the egg whites most days. Hopefully the cholesterol in the one I eat daily doesn't do me in.


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