Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7th Grade Football

C-Dub played in his 5th football game of his life yesterday. They played their rivals and lets just say even with their 16 year-old quarter back, they are no longer undefeated. Apparently the other team had a couple of 17 year-olds playing for them.

Despite never having played a down of football in his life C-Dub not only made the A Team, but is a starter. He makes steady improvement in his play each week.

He has stellar stats including 1 penalty (the first play of the first game, 0 receptions, 1 incident of being burned for a touchdown, 0 daisies picked and only one fumble - his mouth guard. It was recovered by his oh so awesome parents though.

Which leads me to my next comment about middle school football. During the all important mouth guard recovery we came across six more. How do six kids lose their mouth guards?

This is six more that we had to pick up with our hands and examine to see if they were his $40 custom molded because he has braces. Six more that were the exact same black plastic color that my son chose when he could have picked any color in the rainbow because I paid $40 for the damn thing and it was custom.

There was serious discussion of bringing all six of the mouth guards home for him to test out, but that would have just been cruel.

And for a funny, I like to call this one "Beam me down, Water Boy".

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  1. My grandson started football this year; he is 9 years old. they are fun to watch at that age!


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