Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not Me Monday - I'm not a procrastinator

I did not procrastinate all day Thursday despite the firm deadlines that Friday held for me. The result was not one giant Manic mess. This is not a list of everything that HAD to get done Friday.
  • 2009 taxes
  • 3 years P&L's for the business for some award thingy
  • write quiz for class
  • learn what the heck I was teaching for class
  • meet 3 students before class
  • make emergency phone calls
  • file stuff at the court house
  • mail certified mail (on a tax deadline day no less)
  • have company over to watch the baseball game

All went well until my final stop at the courthouse. I was not racing around like a bat out of hell so that I could beat rush hour traffic home.

I am not too cheap to pay for parking at the garage. I did not use the excuse that I didn't have any cash despite Big Chocolate assuring me that they took plastic. I did not find great street parking and rush in to the back door of the courthouse. My cell phone did not set of the metal detector at security. I did not have to run it through by itself.

I did not run straight to the clerk's office and make my filing in under a minute. I did not race back to my car and get five blocks away from the courthouse and almost get on the highway when I realized I didn't have my cell phone. Shit. I did not leave it at security.

I did not say to hell with being cheap and park in the parking garage the second time around. I did not make it in and out of the courthouse with my phone this time in under two minutes.

In the less than two minutes I was at the courthouse I did not manage to lose my parking ticket. I did not say to hell with it and decide to pay the lost ticket fee just to get back on the road.

When I drove up to the cashier, she did not inform me that they were cash only. I did not curse my sweet loving husband for leading me astray. I did not have to back up a couple of hundred feet while other cars were trying to leave so that I could park and go back in through security one more time to the ATM. I did not make myself feel better by thinking about what a great blog post this would make.

I was not hit by as stroke of genius as I sat there. The cashier did not have to count $9 worth of pennies, nickels and dimes from my ashtray.


  1. As one who is constantly in and out of courthouse & recording offices daily, I can almost laugh at that ... sorry :) the cell phone thing especially ... oh boy ... did you notice that everyone seemed to take a little longer each second you stood there?? :)

  2. Oh, boy. What a day. I fully appreciate your desire to NOT have done any of those things! Hang in there.


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