Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Which I Rant - About College Students

Let me preface this by saying that the students signed up to take my class have someone forking over about $4000 for the honor to take my 3000 level class.

1. If I have to explain why you multiply .2Y by 5 to turn it into Y more than once, economics is probably not the field of study to which you are best suited.

2. If you are so smart that the review lecture is unnecessary and you decide to leave early - turn in your quiz before you go. If you make it that far, make sure all of your answers are right. You see I never said I was giving all of the answers equal weight - I might have noticed that you missed that question and decided to weight it as 100% of the quiz grade - since I made sure that everyone who stayed had all of the right answers.

3. #2 would be especially important if despite your full academic scholarship, your parents are emailing me on a semi frequent basis checking in on your progress because they are so pissed off at your half-assed approach to higher education that they are threatening to make you come home because they don't want to pay your room and board for a 4 year party. Yeah I know holy run-on sentence. Grammar doesn't apply to rants.

4. Don't bitch when I am trying to hook the class up with an easy grade. Yes, you might not benefit from it because of some perceived injustice, but you have a 98 in the class. It will still be an A.

5. If the deadline to receive approval for your presentation is 2PM the day before, don't send me your idea at 2:30 and still expect full credit. If you had read the assignment sheet, you would know that you are now starting with a 75.


  1. You are one hardass professor! Love it!

  2. I think it all sounds fair! When I was in college, I used to laugh at all the people that went around saying, " I have a 100 average in trig" because I just wanted to say, "Well, I have a 90 average in trig and guess what, braggart ass-wipe? We will both get the same grade points for it!" But, that's just me.


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