Monday, May 25, 2009

Road Trip - Part One

My car has been in the shop getting repaired from being the peanut butter in a car sandwich. The repairs were supposed to take a couple of days, but over a week later it's still in the shop. Apparently the replacement bumper All-State would pay for broke while they were installing it.

I am no longer terribly confident in their ability to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Hopefully my baby will at least look good again. As good as a 6 year old car with well over 100,000 miles on it that has suffered the atrocities of spilled sodas, melted crayons, and even an episode of upside down nachos can look that is.

The upside is that we had a free rental for the long weekend. In true half-assed style I decided to call my Mommy and see if we could crash at their house this weekend. Being the most wonderful parents in the world they gladly took us in for the weekend.

My parents have a great apartment on the Riverwalk in San Antonio which they graciously offered my husband and I while they kept the kids Saturday night. We went down to the Riverwalk and a few prickly pear margaritas at Zinc and wandered around for a while.

As we were walking down the river I gave my husband the important charge of making sure I didn't fall in the river. Since he is my soul mate, he thought to ask if it came down to it, did I want him to save me or my Louis. Without hesitation I said "I can swim, the Louis can't." Ohh how I love that bag... All told, there was only one close call with a couple of Old People, but my husband saved them from me.

We made it up to the apartment after I successfully navigated the Riverwalk took a look around and quickly decided we would rather crash at my parents house where we had the silence of the country and a King Size bed, rather than a long night tossing and turning in a queen size bed to the tune of the partiers.

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