Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip - Part Two

Ahh... The best laid plans and all of that. One of the big reasons I wanted to take this road trip was to escape the inevitable Memorial Day BBQing and ensuing train-wreck that causes in the kitchen.

I had it all planned out I thought. My cleaning people (who don't half ass btw) were coming Monday morning, so we would get home to a spotless casa. Well truth be told I'm lieing. I remembered at the last minute they were coming so it was a mad dash to get everything picked up and a path cleared for them to work their magic. But hey, that's a minor detail.

Throughout the whole weekend I smiled every time I thought of the sheer pleasure of walking into a clean house after vacation. I even did 2 loads of laundry while we were at my Mom's so I wouldn't come home with a trailer full of dirty clothes.

We walk in the door about 4PM and the first words out of my husbands mouth are, "You know it's really not Memorial Day unless I smoke something."

Crap, Crap, Crap! But the kitchen is clean. Really clean. And, there's no way we will actually eat all of this. Be a big girl. Be a big girl. You can do it. Your not going to be able to stop him anyway. You might as well let him enjoy himself.

"How big of a brisket do you want me to get?"

I am such a wimp, but 24 hours later the kitchen clean again and my husband just informed me he would be eating every single bite of brisket since he "knew" I didn't think we would eat all of it.

I will report back later this week with the answer to the question "How long does it take a man to eat a whole brisket by himself?"

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