Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Half Assed Housewife Strikes Again

I have had a bug up my butt to make flour tortillas for a while, but had not worked up the nerve to try. I found a recipe online and decided to give it a go today because I wanted tortillas, had no tortillas and didn't want to spend $2 on the package.
First the good:
  • I only put about 25 cents worth of ingredients into the recipe.
  • I made sure Big Chocolate was occupied so he wouldn't see what I was doing and make fun of me.
  • Mar Dub and I had fun playing with the dough.
  • We got to use our imaginations.
  • We got to identify a couple of the continents made out of tortilla.

Now the bad:

  • Big Chocolate finished his movie early.
  • And made much, much fun of me.
  • The tortillas were awful

I am pretty sure the error was in the cooking, not necessarily the dough making. Obviously shape is a problem, but if I can figure out how to cook them, then I'll buy a tortilla press to make them nice and round.


  1. it looks ok except the shape we would of never known the taste.

  2. I made them once when I was pregnant and craving tacos 37 years ago. At the time you couldn't find taco makings in the grocery stores in Maine, so I had to improvise! As I recall the turned out good, but we ate tacos everyday for a week because the recipe made so many! I wouldn't even know where that recipe is today!


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