Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Notes To Self and a Half-Assed Give Away

  1. When your car windshield is covered with 2 inches or so of snow, it is probably a good idea to actually get all the way in the car and close the car door before you turn the car on and the windshield wipers start doing their thing. Nothing like a refreshing blast of snow all over you first thing in the morning.
  2. When you have already cursed yourself because of #1, you probably want to be really carefully when you roll the window down at the ATM because the snow that is still piled up on the driver's side window might fall in your lap.
  3. When going somewhere you have never been before, it is always best to remember to bring the address. Kristine, thanks for the Harry Potter costume you left for me on your front porch. Thank you even more for having your house on the market. It made it much easier to only have to stop at the houses that were for sale on your street instead of all of them. By the way, you live on a really long street.
  4. While the $2.50 kid's meal at Ikea was the right price and the perfect amount of food, you are still going to feel like an ass when people look at you crazy for eating from the kiddie dishes.

Now on to the Half-Assed Giveaway -

I have a much coveted 25% off coupon to the Coach Full Price Stores that I received in the mail. Oh how I wish I had the other 75% I would need to use it myself. First person to email me their address is the lucky winner.


  1. Your welcome for the cape. Now I gave you the closest cross streets. I am sure you stop at the other house for sale that is the same floor plan as mine and listed with the same realtor company ftoo first. How nice you got to go down the main drag of my current sudivision. Best wishes for your daughters project.

  2. Not interested in the giveaway, but am interested in whether you have snow already. None yet here in Maine!

  3. Kristine - I know you gave me cross-streets and what not, but did you actually expect me to remember. I had the street name, your house being for sale, and I "thought" your address ended in an 8, but that was so random I wasn't really counting on it being correct. I just slowed down and peeked at the other house... Your's was the only one I actually got out at.

    Eva and Deb - We had snow this morning! It was the craziest thing ever. It wasn't actually freezing at ground level, so it has all melted away, but it was a pleasant surprize/


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