Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Date Night on the Free (Almost)

I have had a great run of freebies lately! Which is great since the big guy and I nearly got a divorce in WalMart the other day over the apple juice he wanted to buy.

Friday Big Chocolate and I went to see Avatar for FREE at Studio Movie Grill. We did pay $3 each for the 3D upgrade and it was worth it. We ate at Raising Cane's for FREE too. This morning I am going to get a FREE Bagel at Einstein's!

All four of us signed up for the deal @ Studio Movie Grill, so I have 6 tickets left to use for C-Diddy's Birthday. I couldn't find anywhere it said it was limited to one per household. If you do, don't let me know because I have a clear conscience and would like to keep it that way.

Shout out to Common Sense With Money, Frisco-Online and Katy Couponers for the heads up on these.


  1. Went to Einstein's yesterday for lunch! bought a soda so was just under 2.00 but filled me up and it was YUMMY - will probably go back today! thanks KCW!

  2. What's happened? Your blog has taken on a whole new tone. Is it because of your new business? I miss the old sassy half-assed housewife! : (


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