Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pillow Talk

Let me set the stage for you - I walk into the room and Big Chocolate is in the bed naked laying on his side kind of curled up. Not quite fetal position, but about half way there.

HAH - Are you OK?
BC (very seriously) - I'm Confused
HAH - OK what are you confused by?
BC (very seriously again) - I feel like we've been here before. At a certain time and a certain place.
HAH (loud and jokingly) - Like de ja vu?
BC - No much more serious than that.
HAH thinks to herself - WTF
HAH - Umm OK

Few minutes pass.

BC- Babe, whatever you do, don't take anything I say too lightly tonight. The Ambien is kicking in weird.
HAH thinks - Ohhh this makes sense. I wonder if I should go hide his car keys. No, I already took my medicine. I might forget where I hid them.

Few more minutes pass.

BC - Just talk to me babe.


  1. Hmmmmm...Did you read the side-effects section on the Ambien instructions? Does it say: Warning: May cause naked introspection.???


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