Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Chocolate Mix

It is freezing here! Well it should be by now anyway. I wrote this post on Tuesday. It is supposed to be in the teens if not lower. Have I mentioned we live in TEXAS?

Here is a link to our favorite Hot Chocolate Mix recipe. In year's past I would just buy a gallon of chocolate milk and heat it up, but Big Chocolate makes funny of me and says it's half-assed. The nerve of that man I tell you. I think I am insulted.

According to one blogger I read this recipe does have nuclear waste in it. Apparently the stuff they make pudding and non-dairy creamer out of is down right scary. I am happy to report this is our third batch this winter and no one is glowing in the dark. Yet.

Yes I said it has PUDDING in it. I am convinced that is what gives it the super creamy, rich but not bitter flavor making it the best I've ever had. Dang it now I have that Drake song in my head. "Baby you're my everything. You're all I ever wanted." Sorry I digress.

A couple of notes:

  • You can use the link in the recipe to change the size of the batch you make.
  • A food processor is your best friend here. I mix everything up in a stock pot and then run it through in my food processor in batches to make sure it really is mixed well. This also makes the mix really fine which helps it dissolve better IMO.
  • Use a large box of Pudding.
  • I don't measure everything too well, especially the stuff with really large measurements. I figure there is more wiggle room there.
  • I have strayed and used store brand coffee creamer and dry milk, but I am not willing to stray from the nesquik to a store brand.
  • I get most of my supplies at Costco or Sams to save $$$. This isn't the cheapest recipe in the world, but it sure as heck is better than Swiss Miss and based on the amount one recipe yields, it's reasonable.
  • Last time I checked, you get about 48 cups of Hot Chocolate out of the recipe. That is actual yummy chocolatey liquid.
  • Ohh yeah, follow the freaking instructions when you mix the mix with water. It is 1/3 cup mix added to 2/3 cup water. If you add it to a cup of water it's going to suck!
  • Ohh yeah. Ohh yeah. Make sure you put the little stopper doo hicky in the top of the food processor every time. Just Sayin'


  1. haha! your list of notes cracks me up. this winte is turning out to be a doozy! I read somewhere it was supposed to be the worst in a while - so far it seems true. I like Hershey's cocoa, as long as I pay attention long enough not to scald the milk!

  2. I'm not worthy... I'm not worthy... Sounds awesome, but I'll still be grabbing the Swiss Miss packets and throwing them in a mug for the boys. They don't know any differently, so ignorance is bliss, right? Cheers!

  3. I think I'll have a little Godiva Chocolate liquer instead. It's easier! lol


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