Friday, July 3, 2009

A Damn Shame

At lunch today, Dubelicious is sending a text and asks me how do you spell "misspell"? I respond, "I got nothing". We had to go with can't spell instead so we weren't too embarrassed.

We have about $300,000 worth of education between the two of us. No we didn't pay for most of it. We had an ass-load of scholarships for grad school. My parents killed themselves to pay for my undergrad since I am not as athletically inclined as Big Chocolate.

In my defense I have taken 2 English classes and that was because they made me. Big Daddy Dub Dub on the other hand majored in English and managed to have a surprisingly respectable finish to law school.

As an aside. I used 3 names for him all by myself today. Damn I am creative.

Secret confession time ~ Spell check had to fix six words other than "misspell" which I now know has a double s.

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