Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who knew a name would be so popular?

Apparently there are a couple of other "Half-Assed Housewifes" out there. I've apparently pissed off one of them. Sorry.

We both started our blogs in May and who knows from there. I set mine up towards the beginning of May and can say I had know idea she was out there... Technically she posted first because I'm lazy and it took me a couple of weeks to catch fire (literally unfortunately).

Needless to say if you would like to check her blog out it is as opposed to Upon further googling it looks like there is a 3rd Half-Assed Housewife out there who beat us both to the punch. You can find her at It looks like she started in April 2009. I think her blog is the best of all three fwiw. It's so professional looking with video and everything!

Surely there is enough room in the blogosphere for 3 Half-Assed Housewives to get along.

PS: Since I am being accused of stealing "Mr. Half-Assed" (gee how could I have possibly come up with that one on my own??) he will henceforth be referred to as Dubelicious or Big Chocolate.

PSS: Spell check lit this post up like a roman candle.


  1. I wouldn't have posted the link to the other halfassed housewife blog if I were you - her blog is a lot better than yours LOL

  2. Dude, it's OK. I'm not trying to hoard cyberspace. I set this up so my friends and family could keep up with me. If they like other blogs then good for them.

    I actually enjoyed checking out your friend's blog today. She gets to take way cooler vacations than I ever do. And her cooking doesn't look like it sucks like mine does.


  3. Yeah, the spellcheck on Blogger sucks. I happen to be able to spell really well and it does light up like crazy. Meh. What can you do but laugh. So far my record is 15.

  4. Wow, you must of hit a nerve. Check out todays post. Can't imagine getting that riled up about a name. BTW...your so much more half matter what "Anonymous" says. :)


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