Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prevent Domestic Violence - Send Your Spouse on Vacation

Big Daddy Dub Dub is in New Mexico spending the better part of the week at a resort because he needed a break from work and the joys of opening his new office. He was polite and asked me to come with him even though he knew I couldn't go.

Four nights at a resort outside of Santa Fe -$400.
Preventing a murder/suicide - Priceless.

Not real sure who was going to be the murderer in the deal, but the odds weren't looking good for either one of us.

I got his room on Priceline and if you've never tried their name your own price deal, you really should. The only downside is that the rooms are completely nonrefundable. This worked out well for him since HIS MOM and AUNT decided to come stay with ME this weekend.

They are heading home tomorrow. Mar-Dub is going to Camp tomorrow, and it will just be C-Diddy and I hanging for the rest of the week. I have grand plans to order a pizza and see how long the two of us can live off of it without cooking or doing any dishes. I am also planning on blowing $10 at Redbox and see how many movies we can watch before our minds turn into mush.


  1. Sounds like a perfect week to me: movies, pizza, and no dishes to do!!

  2. Great post!! You're my kind of gal! Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes my daughter checked into seeing if the job pays off some of her school bills. The area is considered low income, so if she investes 5 years there teaching, they will pay off half of her school bills. Have a great day!! Kris

  3. I am interested to hear the results of your experiments. That way I will know exactly how to calculate for provisions when I send my husband out of town. ;)


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