Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dream Interpretation

So the other night I had a good run of dreams that I believe may provide some insight into what it is that makes me ~ me.

One dream in a long string of equally strange dreams goes something like this:

I am in bed in my parents guest room. I get up and go to the bathroom I had as a kid and run my fingers through my hair. A big, ginormously huge chunk of hair comes out of the back. Think ponytail size for a visual. I think "Hmm. My hair is falling out, but it looks really cute like this."

I go into my mom's bathroom and show her the pony tail chunk of hair that has fallen out and she is surprised, but agrees my hair looks great. I turn around and go into my parents bedroom. Hang on: here is the weird part...

My dad and my husband are sitting together in my parents bed (no not in a sexual way, think girlfriends doing their nails or something). I show them the pony tail of hair that fell out. As I run my finger through the bottom of the pony tail and realize it's not really hair at all . It's Mar-Dub's fake Bugs Bunny ears that she got at Six Flags. I say "My Bad" and go on my way like it was no big deal.

Now my husband is usually pretty good about listening to my dreams and interpretting them for me in a way that makes total and complete sense. This time he look at me and says "It means you're fucking crazy" and goes on about his business. I kind of think I agree with him...


  1. -->I think your husband and mine shared the same dream interpretation for dummies book. Of course, I dream every night in full color and remember them, he never dreams. Men.


  2. I'll be sure to let my friend know how clever your husband thinks she is. You know, being as she has the original "Half-Assed Housewife" blog here. But you knew that, her blog gave you the name. I see your hubby is also "Mr Half-Assed. Are your children also referred to as "Fathead" and "Devil Baby" or would that be too obvious?

  3. You'd think someone with dreams this creative would be able to come up with an original blog title. Or do those fine institutions of higher learning at which you teach not discuss intellectual property?

  4. ditto on what above said

  5. Whoa....did I sense a little hostility there???

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