Thursday, June 18, 2009

Made $8 at CVS today

CVS has an Extra Care Bucks deal where if you buy 2 pair of sunglasses you get $10 ECB's back. The packages of pre-moistened lens cleaners that are 99 cents are ringing up and triggering this deal as well. There is a limit of one deal per CVS Card this week.

The lens cleaners I found have been in small silver resealable packets with 20 tissues per pack. I did not find any at the CVS at Legacy and Main this AM. I ended up getting mine in Coppell after work this morning. They were hanging on the tower of sunglasses. I found some laying on a shelf around the corner from the sunglasses as well.

As with all things CVS, this is a your mileage may vary deal depending on where you find the product. If all you can find is one, you can buy it now and the second one before the end of the week and it will still trigger the deal.

Interesting thing is, I used the ones I bought today and my sunglasses have never been so clean. I may actually buy these again...

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