Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick Hits

It has been a long and crazy week. No good deals and no time for story telling. Here is a quick list of some quotes from this week. It should give you a pretty good idea of how things are going.

"Oh shit this is the ladies room" ~ Mr. Half-Assed with pants unzipped, man candy in hand and looking around for the urinal that used to be there.

"I don't remember getting these groceries" ~ Me as I realized I have stolen some one's grocery cart from the meat counter at Central Market. I had made it all the way past the wine at this point.

"I need adult supervision out here"~ Mr. Half-Assed after trying to pour match-light charcoal directly from the bag into the already lit grill. It seems those nasty fumes that make the charcoal the "Match Light" variety are quite flammable.

"Isn't that a fireable offense?" ~ Mr. Half-Assed after I told him that one of the cleaning people apparently took a super king kong mega mega shit in the bathroom after they cleaned it. In their defense, while there were serious fumes left in their wake, there were no streaks.

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