Saturday, June 6, 2009

Laundry Mountain

Today is the day I will climb laundry mountain. I will have the single-minded focus of a crazy white man trying to climb Mt. Everest. I have to confess - laundry mountain isn't much smaller.

Now don't get me wrong here. It's not that I am really motivated this morning. If I don't conquer laundry mountain today, my kid has to go to camp for the week naked. I am pretty sure they frown on that at church camp.

Stop Reading here Mom.

I'm pretty sure they frown on kids cussing at church camp too, but that one is out of my control at this point. All I can do is pray he keeps it quiet and none of the trainers catch on. In the event they do, he knows which parent to have them call based on the infraction. Any use of the F-Word as an adjective I get the phone call. Use of the phrase Sorry Ass Mother F'er under the breath would generate a call to Dad.

Luckily haven't received any phone calls yet, but my sixth sense tells me I have a little cusser on my hands. Crap and sucks don't really phase me (or elementary school teachers). I will say this in my defense. I work on the theory that words are words. It's how you use them that matters.

I told you to stop reading Mom. You don't get to be disappointed in me.

Damn ~ Dryer just beeped must get back to work.

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