Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh the Insanity

Sorry for the late notice on the Kroger and Tom Thumb deals, but I always want to make sure a deal works before I post it. This has been a crazy, nusto, psychotic, insane week and it's only Tuesday.

My husband hired his first real employee. While I am pleased to no longer be a sexetary (that's what my mother in law calls it), I seem to have now assumed the roles of HR manager and payroll manager. This is of course in addition to my job as paralegal, director of accounting and IT guy.

Oh yeah I got a last minute call to teach summer school, so add economics professor back to the list as of Friday. Yes they let me teach even though my grammar and spelling both suck butt. I'm going to tell you a secret, but it has to stay between the two of us. I once had to sing Holla Back Girl to myself in front of an entire classroom because I was a jackass and couldn't spell bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I now stick to examples where I am sure I know how to spell everything just right.

Anywho, I had to post the Tom Thumb deal in 30 seconds while yelling at my kids to get their shoes on so we could head to Stonebriar for dinner (read: $1 Happy Hour). I am not a country club kinda girl, but I'm trying to lay low and enjoy the cheap drinks before they kick me out for not giving a damn about the dress code.

Now your reward for reading this far is a pretty darn good deal on Aveeno Sunscreen at CVS that you actually have more than 3 hours to act on. They have a spend $20 get $10 in ECB's back deal going on. What makes it good is that they have $2 off coupons up at the front doors. They have a ton of them so take a few and don't feel guilty. The $11 sunscreen in variations from pasty to crypt keeper (30 - 70 SPF for you less imaginative types) is on sale for $9. Here is how I worked the deal:

3 @ $9 = $27 towards the deal = $21 cash after 3 coupons with $10 ECBs back
2 @ $9 = $18 towards the deal ($45 total)= $4 cash after 2 coupons and previous ECBs with $10 more ECBs back.
2 @ $9 = $18 towards the deal ($63 total)= $4 cash after 2 coupons and previous ECBs with $10 more ECBs back.

All told I spent $29 cash (since I didn't have any ECB's to start with and had $10 ECBs left. So for effectively $19 I got 7 cans of spray on suncreen that I desperately needed for the summer. $2.71 for the $11 stuff isn't bad. This is the good stuff that blocks the UVA and UVB rays too. My pasty complexion may be safe for another summer.

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