Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adventures Of A One Car Family

If you are a family with only one car, I have to take my hat off to you. (Well I would if I wore one.) We've been down to one car since Friday. Big Chocolate gets his baby back tomorrow, and I am so happy. At this point I am not even that upset about the $900 repair bill. Yikes!

This has been harder than I imagined. We survived but with a few minor crisises. Or is it crisi?Monday morning we had a minor disaster when Big Chocolate's secretary called in sick and he showed up at the office without his keys and thus no way to get the file he needed for court. Of course I was stuck at the house and couldn't help him.

He came home and picked me up and took me back to the office at lunch so he could go meet a client. About 3:30 I get a call from Mar Dub saying she was locked out of the house (in the rain). Of course I have NO CAR again. I had to send her to the neighbors house and get a ride home from my friend Blinderman.

I'm thankful that we usually have 2 cars to help us all get where we need and want to go. I'm thankful for great friends and neighbors that take in our stray children from the cold and rain and give us emergency rides when we need them.

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  1. We down sized to one car last summer when I retired. Of course, we have no kids at home, so that makes it a little easier. With both of us retired, it seems to be working fairly well so far.


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