Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

C-Diddy did NOT come downstairs and announce that he was the strongest person in the house. Big Chocolate did NOT "toss" him a 12 pound medicine ball in response. C-Diddy did NOT catch said medicine ball with his face. Mar-Dub did NOT run straight to my room to tattle on her Daddy.

I did NOT yell at the kids for tracking mud all over the house. I did NOT later find out that the suspect mud was on the bottom of my shoes. At least I did NOT make Mar-Dub clean it up anyway.

My children did NOT have beignets for breakfast Saturday followed by Ramen Noodles and Sugar cookies for lunch. They did NOT proceed to go to a birthday party and eat more cake and ice cream .

I did NOT eat over a dozen cookies this weekend. When Big Chocolate saw me eating the last one, I did NOT inform him that he was giving himself cancer by smoking a cigar so getting fat wasn't so bad.

What did you NOT do this week?


  1. I did not eat the better part of a bag of Hersey Kisses in two days. I did not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. I did not stay up until 1 a.m. (thank you Herseys!) reading.

  2. I did not cheat on my diet at all this week no way !!!

  3. i'd rather eat a dozen cookies than smoke. at least cookies are delicious.

  4. I will take a dozen cookies over a cigar anyday and love it =)

  5. I just had peanut butter cookies for dinner. yikes


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