Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saving Saturday - Holy Chicken Boobies

This week had the makings of a bad shopping week. Too much working, not enough shopping I tell you.

Target ($1.49)
  • 2 dozen eggs
  • box of tampons

Look around for Target coupons on the registers. I know some squeemish dude must have gotten the free tampon coupon and ditched it like a hot potato. Well, I found it and appreciate it.

What does it say about your life when you are excited about free tampons? I let an incredible opportunity for a pun slide by here. You should really thank me.

Market Street ($16)

  • approx 26 pounds of chicken breast
  • Simply Orange Juice (free coupon)
  • 8 oz block of cheddar cheese (free coupon)
  • 3 pounds of oranges and
  • 5 pounds of baking potatoes

Target ($16)

  • Mitchum Deodorant (Free),
  • 2 Olay Body Washes (Free),
  • 2 Venus Razors,
  • Pork Tenderloin and
  • Italian Sausage

The darned sausage was full price, but I wanted to make spaghetti for dinner, so a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I have had a decent week on Swagbucks. I have about $15 in Amazon Gift Cards to cash out come March 1st. I am pretty sure that gets me to $85 this year so far. I also used $35 of them to buy Big Chocolate a very nice cigar cutter for his birthday. You better not tell, it will ruin the surprise.

Swagbucks turned 2 this week. They adjusted the scale to where you get 1o swagbucks for most searches, but everything costs 1o times as much too. They are going to be adding new ways to earn over the next couple of months. They have already added one new way to win everyday. Check out my Swagbucks help tab to learn how to maximize your freebies.

Here's a deal to get you started for next week:
Through Tuesday at Kroger you can buy 4 Kelloggs cereals for $10 and get 2 gallons of milk free. There is a $1 off 3 boxes of cereal coupon on and you get a $3 Catalina back when you buy 4 boxes 10 oz or larger of

  • frosted flakes
  • fruit loops
  • apple jacks
  • corn pops
  • cocoa krispies or
  • honey smacks.

This works out to $6 for 2 gallons of milk and 4 boxes of cereal.

If you know of any great deals coming next week, feel free to link up your posts here.


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