Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday - The Bad Parenting Edition

I may have mentioned before aka yesterday that I struggle with concentration at times. Well that has NOT been giving me lots of trouble lately. For example, I did NOT forget to pick up Hip Hop who was supposed to be spending the night with us Friday.

After being extorted to make Popcorn Balls Saturday morning, I did NOT say F-it and let the kids eat them all at once because I got tired of them asking me if they could have one over and over again.

My little princess did NOT go to band try-outs and come home having signed up to play the TUBA of all things. Oh how I do NOT dread the afternoons of one kid practicing percussion and the other practicing the TUBA.


  1. The TUBA! Ha ha too funny! Love your about me section :)

  2. I linked to you from MckMama. I love your blog, every post I have read so far has me laughing. I can relate to you on some of it. ha. Oh and Frisco, Im only 1 1/2 hour away from there, I drive there to shop monthly! Small world. Hope you dont mind me following. Have a great week :)

  3. Tuba and percussion!! Oh, I so would not want to be you during all that practice time! lol

  4. haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was born and raised ( and lived until i was 25) in Texas... but then I went and lost my mind and married a man in the military... so here I sit in NJ. But I can appreciate the wow factor of all that snow in Texas.

    As for band... as a band nerd myself.. I first majored and then eventually ended up with a minor in music in college.. let me just say, that it could be worse than tuba. In my opinion, saxophone is the single worst-sounding instrument for about 3 years. They just sounds like some sort of dying animal honking... it's awful and I hope my children don't play it.


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