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Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday - The Big Foot Edition

My10 year old daughter did not have to wear my shoes most of the weekend because hers were soaked from the snow.

My 10 year old daughter does not wear size 8 1/2 shoes. She also does not only own one pair of shoes at a time because her feet grow so darn fast we never know if they will last 2 days or 2 months.

My daughter did not once throw a fit at school because her shoes didn't fit. She didn't take her shoes off and throw them at her best friend to make the point that they didn't fit. Big Chocolate did not bring her home from school just so he could ahem "discipline her".

After being "disciplined" she did not keep jumping up and down over and over yelling "I'm not wearing shoes that don't fit!" I did not have to bail and have her wear a pair of her big brother's shoes so she could go to school and not be "disciplined" all day long.

I did not promptly go buy her a new pair of shoes and have it delivered to her classroom in the middle of the day. I am not a bad mom!


  1. I am NOT laughing at you! ;)

    Don't feel too bad, my kids only own a couple pairs of shoes each and they don't even have very big feet, I'm just cheap.

  2. (Visiting from MckMama)

    Hilarious! Happy Monday :)

  3. Hell, I onely own 3 pairs and a pair of sneakers! I go barefoot as much as possible.

  4. HAHA - my kid broke her shoes at school so they put a pair that they had one her(she is 5) They were blue with big blue lips (like a kiss) on the side and they were about 2 sizes to big.

  5. HAHA! That's funny! Just tell her that her having big feet means she's going to be tall- and seriously, coming from a girl who is only 5'3"- that's a GOOD thing.

  6. Haha! Great post. I totally understand what you mean my kids feet growing so FAST! My son gets a new pair of shoes every couple of weeks, I can't wait until his little feet slow down :).

  7. Oh, and I love the "Don't be a wimp. Talk to me!"


  8. Oh that is too funny!! Gotta love that age!! :)

  9. haha, great story! wow...can't wait for that age...

  10. I just love the name of your blog too cute!


Don't be a wimp. Talk to me!