Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Weeks Deals

This week was another good week for me. I cashed out another $25 in Amazon Gift Cards from SwagBucks. This brings my total collected to $60 in 2010. I also received my first 2 free books from Paperback Swap.

Here is a list of my runs for the week:

Target Run 1: 2 Fusion Razors + bag of chopped pecans = $1.87 after gift cards earned

Target Run 2: 2 Fusion Razors, 3 bottles of Listerine, 5 boxes of oatmeal, cold medicine, ziplocs = $10.26 after gift cards earned

I may never have to buy razors again. I ordered coupons off of ebay a couple of years ago when I found a deal to get them for free. I have about 50 (each with a refill cartridge) under my sink in the bathroom. Now when I can get them for free or for pennies, I pick up a few to replace what we have depleted from our stockpile.

Tom Thumb: 2 Fruit Roll ups, 2 Trix Cereal, 2 Grands Biscuits, 2 Pizza Crusts, 2 Crescent Rolls, tortillas, hot dogs, hot dog buns & miracle whip = $11.14 This was more than I had wanted to spend on this, but some of my loadable coupons didn't come off and some of the things like the pizza crusts were more expensive than other options, but I just wanted them for quick, fun meals.

Market Street: Pound of marinated Chicken Breasts, Pound of Deli Turkey, Pound of Deli Cheese, Cranberry Sauce, Can of Vegetables, Can of Cream of Chicken Soup, 2 Rolls Paper Towels = $12.08

I would have been able to do more, but I lost a couple of prime shopping days to laziness and bad weather.

Be sure to check out my Value Whore tab for coupon resources and websites I use to locate great deals. If you are interested in trying SwagBucks and want some tips to help you earn, "there's a tab for that". Hey, I feel like an iPhone commercial.

Happy Shopping Next Week!


  1. Hey, this Swagbucks thing looks interesting. When my little guy is fully recovered from his tonsilectomy/adenoidectomy, I'll really check it out. And, "value whore" is friggin' awesome. Cheers!

  2. I'm gonna have to check out your tab for Swagbucks. I swear I signed up for it ages ago and since I'm too dumb to figure it out it's still not been touched at all. And, I saw you had a bit of a Snowpacalypse where you are too. I'm boycotting further winter events and their presence will not be tolerated.


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