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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - The School Supply Drawer

Tired of the kids always asking you where the X is for their homework? Tired of digging through a mess of pencils, pens and crayons in your junk drawer?

Might I suggest a plastic silverware tray? We have one drawer devoted to this kind of crap. (I have 2 other junk drawers, but that'll be our little secret.) Pencils, pens, sharpies/highlighters, and crayons/map pencils have their own divider. There is room for scissors and a stapler where the serving utensils go. Tape and post it notes etc. go where the dessert forks would go. Put it in the drawer with the the tape and post it notes closest to the drawer front and viola you can get to every thing you need.

Hey Somebody stole my stapler! And you can see my tingers! They are toes that look like fingers for those of you without exceptionally long toes. Have I mentioned I can plug my iron in with my toes. I'm a walking freak show I tell you.


  1. We have a homework drawer, too, that actually has the dividers built into the drawer. Unfortunately, ours looks nothing like yours. Nothing is (or STAYS) organized or neat and there are pencil shavings covering everything. What a freaking mess.

  2. Love this idea...although like the previous commenter---my drawers never stay this organized! Great idea though!

  3. Clever! And cheap! I see these at the thrift store for next to nothing.

  4. Maybe we need to just get rid of more stuff, because we have way more than what would ever fit into a drawer organizer.
    But then again we are still more into the crayon and marker stage than the pencil and highlighter stage.

  5. Our homework drawer is *supposed* to look like that, complete w/ a silverware tray to hold the pencils, pens, crayons, etc. If only my 7 year old would remember that!

  6. Nice and organized - looks good!

  7. I do this too! Except I have to do it for my husband; we don't have kids.


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