Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday - The I'm NOT An Ass Edition

It has not been a bad weekend for making crass remarks about the handicapped. Last night watching the Grammy's I did not fix my lips to say that it looked like Andrea Bocelli was looking down Mary J. Blige's dress. I not kind of miss the memo that he was blind I promise. Big Chocolate did not almost fall out of the bed laughing at me.

While watching the Winter X-Games, I did not accuse the participants of the mono-ski competition of being freaking insane. It did not take me to the end of the race to realize that the dude's were paralyzed or amputees.

And now as promised a SwagBucks update. Insert anticipatory drumming sound here.

After being inspired by fellow bloggers tales of paying for Christmas with Swagbucks. I have been seriously Swaggin and have earned $35 worth of Amazon Gift cards in January. About $5 came from referrals. $10 came from completing a free trial and the rest came from searches or freebie swag codes that they make available from time to time.

I have installed their swidget on the right so that you can check for swag for Swag Codes. You can also search from there too. If you decide to become a swaggernaut like me I do reccomend that you install the toolbar and make swagbucks your default search engine. It makes a BIG difference.


  1. You are too funny! I didn't watch all of the grammies because I'm addicted to Deperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.

  2. I love Swagbucks! And I also didn't miss the Grammies because I'm too addicted to Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sistera (like Eva said).


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