Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blinderman, This One's for You

I hesitate to post this because my favorite property manager AKA Blinderman reads my blog, Since I am 99.99% certain there was no actual property damage, I'm going to share.

Mar-Dub came up to the office with me tonight and asked to make popcorn. Unknowingly, she put a single serve bag in and hit the popcorn button. Next thing we know we have the nasty burnt popcorn smell. Trying not to piss off Big Chocolate too badly, I try my best to minimize the damage.

I haul ass down the hall to the ladies room and put it in the trash can. The trash can that is filled with used paper towels. I stand back for a second and ponder exactly how pissed the big guy is going to be about the burnt popcorn. I open my eyes and see smoke rising from the trashcan.

Damn it. Big Chocolate and Blinderman are going to be really pissed if I burn down the new office. I grab the smoldering bag and throw it in the sink. Then I have to go fishing in the trash can to make sure that none of the paper towels are actually on fire or smoldering. All good there. Just to be safe, I wet a handful of paper towels and toss it in too. I hung around for a couple of hours waiting on movers, and the building didn't burn down, so I am pretty sure we are out of the woods. Unless, I try to make iced tea that is...


  1. lol! I get a great visual of that whole operation..I can smell the burning popcorn!

  2. -->I guess instead of gunshot residue on your hands it would be the burnt popcorn smell in your hair...

  3. That's the hardest smell to get rid of! Ewww!!!!

  4. yeah that is a gross smell--happens in our office all the time.

    But every post of yours demonstrates more and more to me how much alike we are.

  5. You are HILARIOUS! Great story, thanks. :-)

    I loooooove popcorn, but the smell of burnt popcorn is the worst...


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