Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Fun at Main Event

The kids and I have been having a blast at Main Event. I took C-Diddy last Monday to take advantage of their deal where for $20 you get unlimited bowling, laser tag, ropes course, billiards and a $10 game card. This deal is good from 4 to midnight on Mondays. We got there late, but were able to squeeze 7 hours of fun in!

At the store in Frisco, my receipt had an offer for a free $20 game card if you did their online survey. So I did it while the kids played. I took the receipt back yesterday and cashed it in for my free game card.

The same offer printed on my receipt that had a $0.00 total. I'm going to keep rolling that bad boy for as long as it lasts. They only restriction is that you can't use it the same day as your original "purchase".


  1. How busy was it at Main Event as the evening wore on? We've been on a Friday and a Saturday evening and only had to wait 1 time for about 5-10 minutes for a lane to bowl. We also took advantage of the $10 bowling yesterday.

    Also, did you have to pay for shoes?

    ~CaddyWompus from FOL

  2. Doesn't make you cheap, makes you spending savvy! Love it!

  3. Shoe rental is included in the deal. At 5 we didn't have to wait to bowl. We had to wait about an hour for the first round of laser tag, but the kids used their $10 card for that time. Then we had to wait about another hour before they could do the ropes course and laser tag again, but we used that time to eat dinner. At about 10PM we had to wait about 15 minutes to bowl, but then we were able to bowl until they shut down at midnight.

  4. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Will have to keep that in mind for the future while that location isn't swamped with people.



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