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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Project

Big Chocolate & I have been working on a big project all summer. We have been building out and moving into his new, all grown up, not half assed office space. It is 3600 square feet of hard work and love. Here are a few pictures from the reception area...

This is our sign. It ended up being a foot and a half longer than it was supposed to be. It barely fit. Yikes.

This is the receptionist's desk. That bad boy is 14 feet wide and could fit 2 receptionists. Unfortunately, we don't even have one yet. This is where I sit and blog during the day until my office furniture arrives. There are supposed to be pendent lights hanging above the desk, but they got stuck in customs.

This is the sitting area in the reception area. We still need to hang pictures and what not, but we're almost there.


  1. Very Nice! Very professional; no sign that says "Big Chocolate works here."

  2. Is big chocolate looking for a receptionist???? I am looking for a job, call center and customer service. Very good at multi tasking.

  3. I think I'm the only receptionist in our budget for a couple of months.

    EVA. If the partnership ever ends the new law firm will be Big Chocolate P.C.

  4. It looks really nice! Such a difference from the govt crap furniture we have in ours

  5. Thanks. The furniture is borrowed from a friend who had it in storage. We didn't actually pay for it.

  6. Love it! Hopefully my big Daddy will have one soon that's just as purty. (Since I have all the office furniture, etc. in my garage!!!)

  7. So posh, love it! BTW, I have a little fun going on at my blog that I think might interest you! ;)

  8. Wow, everything looks beautiful! Not half-assed at all!


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