Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Wonder About Lots Of Things

Usually I keep my thoughts to myself though, and for good reason. Tonight we were at dinner and they had the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on the TV but muted. I look up and see this dude and below him is a line that says "DE BRUCE SMITH"

I read this and say "His mom is wrong for naming him that." Big Chocolate gives me this look that can only be interpreted as "What the fuck are you talking about?" I look at the screen again and say "Unless that's Defensive End Bruce Smith?"

At this point the big guy just hangs his head and shakes it in disbelief as I laugh my ass off because on the one hand I'm and idiot, but on the other it still kind of makes sense to me.

I try to change the subject and regain some of my dignity, but I still can't let it go. About five minutes later I have to ask the question "It's Demarcus Ware, right? Not Defensive End Marcus Ware?" At least I had that one right.


  1. I would have made the same mistake!

    hope you and big chocolate have a great day!

  2. -->That IS Hilarious. Bruce Smith lives in my town now, we both are Virginia Tech alumni and I was glad he eventually made his way to the Redskins. Sooo funny......
    By the way, Bruce got another DUI a few months ago so I hope he got a DD after the ceremony in Ohio this weekend.

  3. OMG, I almost peed myself when I read that. I'm telling you, I've seen stranger names than "De Bruce" on ESPN. And it's only getting worse---when Jerry watches those draft shows (sidebar: what is the point? you don't know who any of these kids are!), the next generation's names only get crazier. You would think that parents aspiring to get their kids into pro sports would come up with names that announcers aren't sure to botch up.

  4. Jermaine Jackson took it all the way past too far when he named his kid Jermajesty. I felt bad for Blanket until I saw his cousin's name.


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