Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Won An A-Wierd

I mean an award from Missy at Life in Left Field. It is the "New Favorite Award".

Per Missy - In order to be considered for this award, your blog must be relatively new, I say with in the last 6 months. AND must evoke a response from me... Laughing out loud, Fit the bill for obnoxious, give me something useful in everyday life... You get the idea.Be kind and pass it on to just one of Your new favorite blogs.

With all of that said I would like to pass along my riches to:

The Grounded Drink Lady - staying home with 2 kids all day can drive you batty.

Confessions of a Pathological Procrastinator - apparently procrastination isn't just an American past time.

Wrestling with Retirement - Adjusting to being over the hill and putting the brakes on that decline. LOL

Living Life on Little Sugar Creek - Who new there were two Kaycee's out there?


The Half Assed Housewife - Who knew there were two Half Assed Housewives out there?

Since I am not smart enough to figure out how to get you the code on my own -go to Missy's blog. Just copy and paste the code as an HTML Gadget and the sexy Justin Timberlake abs are yours forever.


  1. Thank you so much for the award. I've never had one before. I haven't given anyone an award yet, because I haven't happened on a blog that was less than 6 months old. All my favorites seem to be pros..and I don't suppose I can give it to yoo! lol
    Seriously; your kind words mean a lot.

  2. Ooohhh...I'm so excited! You inspired me to get started! Thanks for the award! I still tell your "Don't run in the house" story. I always make sure I'm not drinking anything when I read your blog. I hate it when liquid comes outta my nose! ;)

  3. Hey Thanks! You've inspired me to kick it back into gear. Since going back to work my blogging has taken a back seat to...well, everything else! Thanks again for the award!!

  4. AHHH thanks a bunch! That's really too nice of you, really! And lol I'm such a professional procrastinator I'd give all of America a run for its money.
    Thanks again! :D:D


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