Friday, August 7, 2009

Oops I Did It Again

So, I don't know what the deal is with the laundry. Every time I have the best intentions. I start climbing Laundry Mountain and then I fall to peer pressure. I'll be darned if I didn't end up liquored up Tuesday night with laundry left over.

It's not exactly all my fault. Mar Dub ended up getting sick and having to go to the doctor Tuesday afternoon for an ass-load of antibiotics. I've always wanted to use that phrase literally. If I hadn't ever left the house I probably wouldn't have gotten so distracted. That sounds like a good excuse. I think I will stick with that.

Needless to say Wednesday, I had the joy of taking 4 kids to Great Wolf Lodge while slightly hung over. It was Mar Dub's birthday and she was still sick. She rode two water slides and asked to go back to the room and go to sleep.

Poor kid said it was the worst birthday ever. We're home now. She is still sick and C-Diddy just told me he has a headache and started coughing. I am ready to hunker down now. I have cold medicine for the kids. I ordered Chinese delivery. I even bought wine coolers so I can drink while I finish the laundry.

Wish me luck!


  1. I am sorry that whole trip/bday sucked.

    But if it makes you feel any better, I considered very seriously putting up the laundry of the last two weeks instead of just piling on more so that I cannot pick up the baskets. However, I ended up drinking beer in the pool. by myself.

    Nite shot all to hell

    I know you get this about me, I can just tell

  2. Aww sorry the birthday didn't go well. And laundry sucks. Don't you just wish we could go naked? That's probably what nudism is all about...nothing to do with nature, and being comforatable with your body; it was probably all started by some broad who saw it as a way out of doing laundry. Smart cookie!


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