Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laundry Mountain Part 2

Today is Laundry Day! Woo Hoo! I can hardly wait. Not. I have a weeks worth of camp clothes that smell "like the horse barn". Most of W's clothes from his trip last week. All of our normal clothes, plus the sheets, blankets and mattress pads from all 5 beds. Yikes!

I have already had a near miss. I reached in the dryer and pulled out what looked eerily like a pair of Big Daddy Dub Dub's dress pants. I about had a heart attack. I was already planning my escape to Mexico. Luckily for me it was a pair of black golf shorts that are lined around the waist band like a pair of dress pants would be. Whew.

I really hope today ends better than the last time I tried to climb laundry mountain.


  1. Hi! First time commenter. I like your blog!

    I TOTALLY relate to your blog and specifically laundry. I once tried to be on top of doing my hubby's laundry. I threw all his clothes in the wash--didn't bother to check the pockets. LIttle did I know that I put through the wash his new video camera that was in his pocket. TOTALLY ruined! I suck at laundry. :-(

  2. First time commenter too, I think.

    I recently washed my husbands brand new cell phone. Then promptly bought him a new one. Then like two weeks later I washed that one...AND his wallet. We bought him a used crappy cell phone off ebay. And a new wallet.

    I HATE doing laundry too. I do it every do so it's never such a mountain!

  3. Be careful, I heard of people dying on mount laundry..oh wait that everest, but be cautious!

  4. -->I hate having that much laundry to do. I've gotten in the habit of starting a load before work to throw in the dryer when I get home. I did that this a.m. with a set of sheets. One thing in my house, if you put it in the dirty clothes inside out, it comes back to you clean, folded and inside out. It saves me A Lot of time!

  5. Bahaha. Is doing the laundry that much of a burden?
    I suppose I should learn the ropes, then....
    It's dish washing that I can't stand..

    I am not looking forward to college life.

  6. I enjoy Laundry Hill much more than Laundry Mountain. I'm glad I haven't seen it around here lately!


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