Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quote of The Day

I have made it 34 years without ever walking into the men's room, and I really thought I was out of the woods. Alas, today I was walking into the restroom at the office while checking my email on my phone. I get about 3 steps in and think, "Hmm, It's colder in here than usual". I look around and sure enough there are two urinals to my right. On the bright side, no one was using them, so it's almost like it never happened.

Normally this would be the most embarrassing event in our family's day, but Big Chocolate took the kids to the country club for dinner tonight. I had to drive to the main post office in Dallas to get some stuff in the mail so he needed to "cook".

While they are eating desert, they are talking about their favorites and C-Dub loudly proclaims "The best day of my life was when I was constipated!" I can't help but think that the kid really has had a crappy life if his best days were spent constipated. Sorry I was feeling punny. I digress.

Anywho it was not the constipated day that was the best. It was the day he spent with his dad preceding his debut as Captain Constipation that was the greatest ever. My 7 year old at the time ate all sorts of junk including a footlong chili cheese dog and super-sonic size chili cheese tater tots all by himself. I'm still in awe of how this slowed things down instead of speeding them up but hey, the human body is an amazing thing.

Needless to say I don't think we will be taking the kids back to the country club anytime soon. I will also be carefully checking the signs on bathroom doors to avoid future humiliation.


  1. Hilarious story! The other day I got into the wrong car in the parking lot of my kids' school. Not almost, but really. I got in and looked around. I said to myself, "Who put this flashlight in my car?" Then I noticed that the seats were cloth and not leather...then looking around in humiliation, got out and ran to my own (almost identical) car. Yeah, I thought I would never do that!!!

  2. Funny stuff , first time for everything !

  3. oh you are lucky the urinals were not in use. why is it colder I wonder???
    Erin's comment is hysterical.
    Country Clubs - my kids have said some amazing things in those settings - and I so wanted to die....

  4. Much to my embarassment, I've done that several times. Yeah, you'd think after the first time, I'd pay a bit more attention!


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