Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mar-Dub and the Beanstalk

I know I don't write too much about Mar-Dub. It's not that she's not as hilarious and wheels off as the rest of us. She's just a little more sensitive about it. For this reason I am going to do my damnedest to keep her stories from back when she was an itty bitty.

When Mar-Dub was about 4 1/2 she came to me to tell me that her sink was clogged up. W goes in to check it out and there was literally a plant growing up from the bottom of the sink. His first question is "How in the hell?"

Then I think back to that fateful day I was making pinto beans. Mar-Dub wanted to play with the beans and I thought "Cool. She can't possibly make a mess with a handful of beans". Boy was I wrong. It seems she was washing them off in her sink and dropped them down the drain.

As we all know from the plant growing experiments in elementary school a bean just needs a cool damp place and a light source to grow towards and that bad boy becomes a beanstalk.

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