Tuesday, August 25, 2009

These are the Pictures of My Day

If you ever have wondered why doing the laundry drives me to drink, now you know.

This photo was taken after 4 very large loads had already been done. For reference, we are talking about 6' X 4' area that is oh say a foot and a half deep!

These are the leftovers from dinner tonight.

It was a really easy recipe from My First Kitchen. I doubled it and only C-Diddy complained. He said the chicken was dry. I told him no shit you sat around for an hour with the chicken all torn up and trying to pick the pepper and rosemary off. Boys!

Mar-Dub acted like the carrots were poisonous. That is until I offered to make her some asparagus. Suddenly the carrots weren't such a bad option.

This is Mr. Maturity separating egg yolks so we (he) could make ice cream.

Today was a good day!


  1. Looks like Mr. Maturity does a good blow job!

  2. Plus no body I know got killed in South Central LA, today was a good day!

  3. -->I feel like doing laundry is my other non-paying job sometimes. At least in the summer, there aren't as many layers being worn.


  4. Put those kids to work...no don't. You know they'd "F" it up!


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