Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bumper Sticker Confusion

So yesterday Big Chocolate and I were behind a pick-up truck with the following Bumper Stickers/Window Decals:

On the Back Window were:
  • 2 NRA Decals
  • American Flag
  • Confederate Flag
  • McCain/Palin '08
  • and My Favorite - Barack, Your Village Called. They Want Their Idiot Back.
On the Rear Bumper:
Two Bumper Stickers for different Spanish Language radio stations

Now I know I shouldn't make assumptions about people and all of that, but after literally hours of pondering the subject I can't get the Confederate Flag and the Spanish Radio Stations reconciled. It's almost as bad as when I try to balance our business accounts at the end of the month. It's just not happening.

In the interest of pondering more important issues in the world like why would someone name their child De Bruce, I'm going to have to punt and stick with the only explanation that makes any sense. I am saying that the Good Ol' Boy that was driving the truck bought it from someone who loved Spanish Radio and he hasn't discovered the greatness of Goo Gone.

PS. I really wanted to stalk the guy so I could get a good pic of the stickers, but Big Chocolate wouldn't play along.


  1. Wow, I hadn't seen any of the latest version of the "Your village called" stickers yet. How original.

  2. not a guy I would want to stalk; probably carries a shotgun under the seat.

  3. Yep..he would probably shoot you.

    Sometimes I think people have quit thinking for themselves and just parrot what they hear from others.

  4. Oh that's funny!! I also don't get why they don't remove the mccain sticker - your guy lost!


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