Sunday, August 2, 2009

So I Know This Is Sad, But

I had the best time at CVS this morning. I've started getting up early on Sundays and heading to CVS when they open at 8 to cash in on my couponing deals for the week.

It's funny because this is when all the hard core couponers are there. There is this couple that is there every Sunday morning without fail. I love the husband because he has such a great attitude about couponing. Today he was asking for help finding the free stayfree. Ha Ha.

Another lady was there with her suitcase of coupons. We all ended up trading coupons so we could all get in on the good deals. I gave away 4 highly coveted electrasol coupons, but in return I got a couple of $2 off listerine coupons to take advantage of a deal we found there.

All in all, I got a rain check for 5 free electrasol, 4 bottles of listerine, blink eye drops, 4 bags of M&Ms, soft soap body wash, 2 compasses, 2 20 packs of pens, 2 bookcovers, 2 pair of scissors, 2 packages of glue sticks, 2 spiral notebooks and 2 folders for FREE. Actually I ended up leaving with a few more Extra Care Bucks than I came in with and it spit out a coupon for free advil.

My CVS has the best manager in the whole world. I can't wait until next Sunday morning to see everyone there!


  1. I totally need to try this! I need to get my crap organized and start couponing. (is that a term) I sometimes think I have endless streams of money! Oy!

  2. You are much more organized that me. I'll cut coupons out and then put them in the drawer, thinking that I will get them when I go to the store......months later I look in the drawer and see the coupons that have all expired!

  3. Wow! Sounds like some good deals. I keep telling myself I should start coupon cutting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Oh, and yeah, I didn't realize there were any other Kaycee's out there either. Although I did go to Kaycee, Wyoming once....

  5. I am really enjoying reading your posts as a couponer who is a newbie to Frisco. Not sure which CVS you shop, but I'm not hitting them early enough and missing out on the Electrasol!!! Frisco seems so coupon friendly from the manager point of view. So far I have not run into a single problem, unlike where I lived before!


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